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In addition to our two Bookstores, the Friends of the Murrieta Library also sell books on-line through These books are selected from our donations and include both rare and collectible books and those likely to be of wider interest.

Because the Friends operate two Bookstores and our inventory varies from store to store, some books may be available at one store and not the other. The Amazon list is NOT a complete inventory of what we have available!
Be sure to visit BOTH stores to see our complete inventory.

Click here to view a selection of
on-line books from the
Town Square Bookstore!

The Amazon link for the
Town Square Bookstore is called
Friends of the Murrieta Library Storefront

If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to operate an online Amazon Bookstore
for the Corner Bookstore, please contact Nancy Dixon at  
(951) 677-5350

Rare Reads at the Corner Bookstore

Come by the Corner Bookstore and explore our new Rare Reads section.  They are Internet worthy collectible books at Corner Bookstore prices.

Come by and enjoy the journey.